The ultimate LCS loupe for Digicams

jmbanner2bAnyone keen to achieve top-class results with their photography and video filming by using the monitor as finder, thus in search of a reliably light protective as well as affordable display tool, need look no further than jmSmartViewer. I always recommend it to my seminar-pupils.

Frank Werner
Lead digital Imaging Consultant
eXtreme visual media

Whenever making footage productions I use my camera, inspite of its built-in video finder, with jmSmartViewer attached to the monitor, because of the resulting extraordinarily large finder image which facilitates picture control a lot.

Dr. Jochen Mueller
muenchner bilderdienst
photodesign & footage

productionsWe sometimes prefer lightweight mirrorless cameras for making quick and mobile video productions in the field. In that case the use of jm SmartViewer is a must because its slip-on eye cup provides much better sunlight protection than their built-in finders.

Wanja Nolte
Senior Content Manager